Observation – 3/26/2014 – Skookoleel Peak area, Whitefish Range

Observer: Steven Zwisler

Date: 3/26/14

Time: 1100-1430

Location: Tributary stream to Lakalaho/Shady Grove

Activity: Skiing



Snowpack Observations:


Skied the drainage NE and next to Lakalaho Cr off the 6,600 ft ridge, then climbed up Lakalaho Cr and went down Shady Grove. Very good old snow on North aspects, everything else was sun affected. There were a variety of crusts and mush. We saw spot slides and a variety of pastries on south facing aspects. There were some volunteer tree bomb drops which, given their size, are worth watching for. We skied some steep roll overs and side hills without consequence. No slumping, cracking, and settling was observed or heard.