Werner Peak 3/11/13

From: Karl Crittenden
Date: 3/11/13
Time: 1200-1500 hrs
Location: Werner Peak
Activity: Snowmobiling

Snowpack Observations:
A scattering of observations from the Flathead National Forest Avalanche level 1 class:

Sunny to partly sunny skies with a light wind from the southwest. Temperatures around high 20s to low 30s. No signs of natural avalanche activity or instability.

The first series of pits were dug on ~36 deg. slope on a south/southwest aspect at 6476 ft. Roughly 15 cm of light snow on a rain crust failed almost immediately in tests (CT1Q2 and ECTP3). Subsequent, multiple, CT’s and ECT’s showed the snow pack prone to fracture with easy to moderate force but no propagation was experienced. 

The second set of snowpits were dug on a north/northeast aspect just east of Werner peak on the ridge ~1000 feet (linear) shy of the summit. Several ECT, CT, and a rutschblock test were done on a ~30 deg. slope on the leeward side of the ridge. ECT and CT results were variable, possibly due to cross loading and spatial variability. The rutshblock showed instability (RB3 MB {most of block}) at ~25 cm from the surface.

A snowmobile ride up and down, no turns were had, though skiing on north aspects looks to still be quality.