Stanton Mountain 3/22/13

From: Erich Peitzsch 
Date: 3/22/2013
Location: Stanton Mountain
Activity: Skiing

Snowpack Observations:
Toured up Stanton Mountain in GNP today. Mostly sunny, calm wind with
moderate gusts along the ridges (17-25 mph).
Ski pen. = knee deep. Certainly a bit of wind loading with winds from
the west. We found about 3 inches of new snow at lower elevations
(~3500 feet) with up to 15 inches at upper elevations (7500 feet).
This new snow sits on top of a rain crust.
We experienced no collapsing or whumphing and saw minor,
very localized cracking of the top 12-15 inches.
We saw a few recent nantural sluffs on all aspects and one small
natural slab avalanche off the ridge between Stanton Mountain and
Mt. Vaught (see image).
There was lots of sun with minimal effect on south aspects today.
We were able to trigger two small sluffs that entrainted a decent
amount of snow and ran about 200 vertical feet.

We dug a snowpit on a south aspect at 7200 ft. It was relatively
shallow for this elevation with a total snowpack depth of 180 cm.
We found a a layer of facets on top of a crust about 75 cm from the
ground. This was our layer of concern given our stability tests.

For those so inclined, here are our stability test results:
CT 30 Q1 @ 75 cm from the ground x2
ECTN @ 35 cm from surface