Skiumah 3/26/13

From: gary Ludwig 
Date: 3/26/2013
Time: 1:00pm
Location: Skiumah/Great Bear/Deerlick basins
Activity: Skiing

Snowpack Observations:
Snowpack observations:  Skied the north face Great Bear Ridge and Triangle Peak on Tuesday. Despite the recent warm-up, the north aspects were still cold with 1-2 feet of great powder snow all the way to the bottom.  There was a firm sun/rain crust underneath, but we did not notice its presence until about 300 feet above Deerlick creek.  The powder above 6000 feet did show some minor surface sloughing, but did not run far or propagate for any significant distance.  A surface hoar layer with 2-3mm crystals was present on the south and west facing slopes beginning at elevation 6500 feet.  All south and west facing slopes below 6500 feet were hard packed. The only recent avalanche activity observed was a few point releases on steeper slopes above Skiumah lake.