Paola Ridge 3/18/13

From: Michael Reavis
Date: 3/18
Time: 1000
Location: Middle Fork
Activity: Skiing
Snowpack Observations:
Toured up Paola Ridge yesterday. Travel conditions on ascent were moderate, descent conditions excellent. Temps ranged in the lower 20’s in the AM rising to upper 20’s in the PM. Winds were fairly calm all morning, becoming gusty and sporadic (10-20 mph) on the ridge tops as the day progressed. Cloud cover 100%, becoming scattered/broken in the PM, with consistent snow falling throughout the day (2-4 inches). We dug a pit on a SSE aspect at 6400ft. There was a approximately 45cm of new snow sitting atop a supportable MF(Melt Freeze) crust (5cm thick). Most of the snow beneath this MF layer (pencil hardness) was moist, saturated snow (fist hardness). A column test was conducted and we found a CTM14 @ 45cm Q3 (Compression Test-Moderate)/ CTM17 @ 85cm Q2 / CTH 26 @ 110cm Q2. No recent signs of avalanche activity, although visibility was poor. Minor sluffing on steeper aspects, but really no issue there.